“I have hired Bo several times. Her last assignment lasted for about a year and a half. For my team, she was responsible for Press Relations and Partnerships. She combined personal engagement and a large work volume with a high degree of attention for communication and quality to deliver superior performance in her function. Thank you for your great support!”

Securex, Thierry Constant, Group Communication Director, 24 augustus 2012

“There is one word to describe Bo’s contributions: “exceptional”. There are no other adjectives needed. I have always been impressed by the way Bo manages things and have appreciated the cooperation. Apart from the reliability and quality of her work, Bo is someone that you can trust to do whatever is necessary. And even more, she takes initiative, looks for opportunities, has a plan and shows a clear desire to achieve.
If there’s only one regret, it’s that she did not stay in Securex when the opportunity was there (I might ask again). But she has a clear plan of what she wants to do in which order and this is to be respected. I can recommend Bo to any company who needs competence in the area of communication management (and probably other fields) and I wish her all the best for her future career.”
Securex, David Ducheyne, Chief People Officer, 14 augustus 2012

“Bo accomplishes perfectly and with a smile what you ask of her, does not get unbalanced due to obstacles on the course and works extremely thoroughly. But what makes Bo still most valuable, is that she does not stop there: she always tries to add something special, something creative, something original. Great results, good value, creative.”
Skynet, Clo Willaerts, Marketing & Communications Manager, 16 oktober 2011.

“Bo has very strong interpersonal skills, which makes her very pleasant to work with. She is well organized and has clear objectives : you can be sure to get rapid results with her. She’s very client-oriented.”

Securex, Mirabel Hoys, Manager Ondernemingsloket, 2 november 2010

“Bo is a very effective colleague, using her organizing skills to develop & implement projects with success. Her past experience in several other companies working on a wide range of marketing and communication issues is definitely an asset. Bo, you did a great job for Securex.”
Securex, Thierry Constant, Group Communication Manager, 29 augustus 2010

“Bo has worked at several occasions in my marketing & communications team at Securex – on various specific projects. Bo is someone you can count on – a good project manager which communicates well en adds value to the process ! Good input and great follow-up. Great results, personable, high integrity.”

Securex, Pierre-Emmanuel Fobe, Group Marketing & Communications Director, 5 juli 2010

“Bo worked for Nuon as a (temporary) web coordinator. She takes delivering projects on time as very important. She is a highly committed and trustworthy colleague with a good feeling on communication. Good value, on time, high integrity.”

Nuon, Mieke Wuytack, Marketing & Communications Manager, 28 maart 2010

“Bo has brought organization and structure in the e-commerce of Nuon. The relationship with the customer improved as well as the co-operation between business and IT. Great results, personable, on time.”
Nuon, Jan Dobbenie, CIO, 9 november 2009

“Bo managed to bring order into chaos, coordinating Business and IT into one smooth operation to swiftly bring quality content to the website, always in good cheer and helpful.”
Nuon, Jos Wittevrongel, Web Business Application Manager, 13 augustus 2009

“Bo has incredible enthusiasm, boundless energy and the shortest learning curve I have ever experienced. She quickly gets up to speed with the trickiest of concepts and is always ready with positive ideas and useful critique. Her deliverables are always of the highest standard and she accepts input well. She is a pleasure to work with and I will watch her future career with interest. Great results, good value, creative.”
MasterCard, Ainsley Ward, Business Leader Product Management, 5 februari 2009

“Anyone who needs to get a lot of work done in a relatively short period of time, I undoubtedly advise to hire Bo De Ridder’s services. I’ve had the pleasure working with her on national marketing communication projects.
Bo does not need much guidance or coaching. She immediately takes ownership of each project attributed to her. She masters various languages and manages her work and projects independently. 
Bo is a teamplayer, able to deal with various types of character on different hierarchic levels. Her maturity and diplomacy have always striked me, especially for someone her age.
Bo is passionate about communication and she has a true talent for it. I have enjoyed working with her and would face any future collaboration with nothing but confidence.”

Securex, Veronique Leemans, Communication Advisor, 15 december 2008

“Easy to work with, flexible, quick learner, takes responsibility, independent, reliable (deadlines), very efficient with a high quality touch, goes beyond what was agreed.”
Securex, Marc Custers, Portal Manager, 29 augustus 2008

“Bo is extremely efficient! Truly remarkable and exceptional. Great results, personable, high integrity.“
Securex, Didier Van Coppenolle, Interal Communication Advisor, 29 augustus 2008

“Bo is een dynamische, gedreven consultant en interim manager die zich alleen maar engageert voor het beste resultaat. Ze levert bij onze klanten prima werk, neemt verantwoordelijkheid, respecteert deadlines, werkt efficiënt en is result driven. Via onze klanten horen we van Bo alleen maar goeds. We hopen nog veel projecten met haar te mogen realiseren.”
4P square, Raf Van Puyvelde, Managing Director, 22 november 2007